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Stop thinking ’bout it

Little something, Melody Gardot & Sting

I know, that you don’t speak english,

And you know, what I want you means.

So, let’s stop pretending,

like if life has no ending.

Writing in english,

I can’t grant my good taste,

so just want to say something,

before it’s too late.

The game you are playing,

it was never my game,

you can play it forever…

and it will be the same.

I wasn’t thinking about you,

never did, never do.

I don’t care about you,

where you are,

what you do.

Are you feeling joy,

or are you feeling blue?

You are just an asset, what i need to do.

You can wear sunglasses,

And pretend – like i do –

We can play it all smart,

we can play it all cool.

I won’t let you touch me, even if you try,

I won’t let you touch me, just don’t make me cry.

When everything’s ready we can say goodbye,

Both back to the silence,

both back to our lives.

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